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michael guyer Michael Guyer, LPCC

Based in Chagrin Falls Ohio, Mike Guyer is a Clinical Counselor offering counseling and therapy services.  Mr. Guyer has over 30 years of clinical experience and taught at the University Level of over 20 years. His interests include, but are not limited to, Lifespan Development, Career Testing for those who want to explore where they might fit and be successful in the work world, and counseling individuals with adjustment in their relationships where they are not satisfied.  

Most people know whether they are happy or not. However fewer people act on the need for change, fearing unknown outcomes. Don’t let life just happen, be an active participant in the discovery of the person you can be. Whether that is for yourself, your family, or your career.  

Reach your full Potential 

The goal in life is to express one’s abilities and unique personality characteristics in a way that achieves fulfillment over the lifespan. Sometimes that entails seeking the assistance to promote that journey if one perceives they are not achieving progress.  

Don’t let  procrastination or other circumstances deprive you of a life of fulfilled goals and ambitions. Call Mike Guyer to assist you in reaching your full potential by calling today.  

Professional Development

Seeking guidance from a qualified professional can be a valuable step toward finding clarity and direction in one’s career. Through counseling, individuals can explore their strengths, interests, values, and gain insight into how they can apply them to their professional lives.  

Using state of the art assessment Mr. Guyer can provide tailored guidance and support to help individuals develop and implement a plan to achieve their career goals and help them address and underlying emotional or psychological barriers that may be impacting their career success. Gian the tools and resources needed to navigate your professional life with confidence and purpose by getting the guidance you need. 

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